Spa Treatments

Relax & Unwind

We welcome men and women alike to enjoy a spa treatment. We have one single room and four double rooms with showers. Mom and daughter, couples, or friends can enjoy the spa experience together. One room has a bathtub-for-two, great for a scrub and soak.

Facial by Clinique

Our modern technique of facial treatment using one of the world’s leading cosmetic brands. Clinique is highly recommended for everyone.

Rp 495,000

Facial by Nu Skin

Nu Skin offers a new technology with negative and positive ion masks. Great wrinkle and anti-aging results!

Rp 695,000

Mandi Lulur

Try a scrub and soak (or shower) after any of our massages. The scrub will exfoliate skin cells and provided a pleasant aroma. Our bathtub is large enough for two people. Price shown does not include massage.

(Purchase scrub as an “Add On” to any massage)

Scrub & soak after any massage - Rp 150,000
Scrub & shower after massage - Rp 130,000
Spice Bath after massage - Rp 130,000

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